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April Ng ([personal profile] karayuquex) wrote2012-01-02 10:53 pm

A new year, a fresh start.

idk what I'm rambling on about.

but oh anyway.

A new year, a fresh start at a new place.

I was getting bored of posting at LJ (all the ties *cough*) anyway.

Maybe dreamwidth will encourage me to pen down my life and my thoughts more often.



New Year Resolutions
1) Enjoy myself.
2) S.L.I.M. D.O.W.N.
3) Take life easy.

Simple as it sound.
... (´・ω・`)でも頑張るさ!

2011 has been a year full of new starts.

1) A new place (moved to Japan).
2) A new school (Waseda, Waseda, Shiawaseda!).
3) New friends (WIF最高!).
4) Been a long time since I danced (WIF最高!*cough* may have been the first time dancing).
5) Indulging in what I love (アニメ満喫!漫画満喫!ニコニコ動画満喫!日本の映画満喫!)
6) Learning more of what I'm interested in. (Linguistics満喫!)

Let's see what 2012 brings me!